After the recent terror attack in Manchester, England, the GREF Board has been asked what impact this will have on the Conference. The Board’s position and that of the Hilton Hotel Group (the conference venue) are set out below:

The GREF Board:

While the terror threat level has been raised to critical, we do not intend to implement any concrete changes to our conference programme. We will of course follow the advice of local authorities at all times, and take appropriate measures on this basis.

The Hilton Hotel:

All our hotels in London, as well as other UK destinations remain alert and have increased vigilance. The safety and security of our guests and team members is our priority and we have dedicated resources and detailed security and crisis management plans in place. We remain in close contact with our counter terrorism leads and continue to monitor the situation.

This statement comes from the responsible departments in our Head Office in the UK. The Hilton Hotel would like to assure that we are still operating as usual and we look very much forward to welcoming all of you next week.