The GREF Board would like to announce that the vacancies arising in May 2019 due to the departures of Chair Claire Pinson (France), Treasurer James Green (UK) and Secretary Robert Biegel (The Netherlands) have been filled following the GREF business meeting in Limassol.

On retirement from the Board, usually the Chair will be succeeded by the Vice-Chair. The previous Vice-Chair, Jorn Starck (Alderney), has assumed the position of Chair for a 2 year term (the Chair may serve for a maximum term of two years).

The position of Vice-Chair, left by Jorn Starck, was filled by The Chairman of the Executive Board of the Netherlands Gambling Authority, Mr. René Jansen (the Vice-Chair may serve for a maximum term of two years).

The previous Ordinary Member, Jiřina Jůzlová, (Czech Republic), has succeeded the previous Treasurer for a maximum term of four years.

The previous Ordinary Member, Michele Magro (Malta), has succeeded the previous Secretary for a maximum term of four years.

Ordinary Member
The vacant position of Ordinary Member has been filled by Chris Rogers (UK Gambling Commission) for a maximum term of two years.

N.B. The mandate of Ordinary Member Jonny Engebø (Norway) has not yet expired and he will therefore continue his good work on the Board.

Following the GREF business meeting on 23 May 2019, here is the new the GREF board of directors:

Chair – Jorn Starck
Vice-Chair – René Jansen
Treasurer – Jiřina Jůzlová
Secretary – Michele Magro
Ordinary Member – Jonny Engebø
Ordinary Member – Chris Rogers