Arrival Day Tuesday 30 May

(Palace Suite Foyer)

19:30-21:00Welcome Reception

(Sky 23, Hilton London Metropole, 23rd floor)

Day 1 Wednesday 31 May
09:00-09:15Welcome address & opening remarks day 1 by GREF Chair Steve Brennan

(Palace Suite A)

09:15-09:45Keynote address:

De Nederlandsche Bank

(Netherlands Central Bank,

Mr Wijnand Nuijts)

-Presentation “Supervision of behaviour & culture” (“Slot machines I”)

(Palace Suite A)

09:45-10:00Networking & refreshment break

(Palace Suite Foyer)

10:00-11:00Session 1:

Slot machines II

-Presentation “Norwegian model”

(Palace Suite A)


In various European jurisdictions, there is a discussion going on about the question “How to regulate addiction prevention for slot machines effectively?”. What is the solution in Norway? What are the effects? What can we learn from it? What did we learn from the key note address? Could those lessons be applied to slot machines?

11:00-12:00Session 2:

Exclusion systems

-Presentation + discussion Belgium, Denmark (tbc) and Spain (tbc)

(Palace Suite A)


In what way did various European jurisdictions organise their exclusion systems? What are the lessons to be learned for (other) jurisdictions that are considering introducing an exclusion system? Pros and cons of exclusion systems; pitfalls; tips and tricks. How effective is such a national instrument for preventing addiction, since players can fairly easily play in an international online environment? What is needed to overcome this problem by technically interconnecting the various national exclusion systems?

12:15-12:45GREF Conference photograph



(Fiamma Restaurant, Hilton London Metropole, East Wing, ground floor)

14:00-15:00Session 3:

Cooperation in practice I

-Presentation on turning paper into practice

(Palace Suite A)

15:00-16:00Session 4:

Cooperation in practice II

-Panel + discussion on:

·         Information exchange match fixing

·         Execution of cross-border fines and other sanctions

·         MoU’s/LoI’s

(Palace Suite A)


Turning paper into practice can be difficult. Difficulties can arise due to unwillingness, capacity problems, legal constraints, jurisdictional boundaries or technical inequalities. How to overcome these difficulties with regard to the mentioned topics? Tips and tricks. What did we learn from session 3? Could those lessons be applied to gambling?

16:00-16:15Closing remarks day 1 by GREF Chair Steve Brennan

(Palace Suite A)

18:00-22:00Drinks and Dinner

(Painters’ Hall, 9 Little Trinity Lane, London EC4V 2AD)


N.B. Travelling to and from this venue at your own expenses. The Painters’ Hall can be easily reached by tube (f.e. Circle Line from Edgware Road to Mansion House and vice versa).

Day 2 Thursday 1 June
09:00-09:15Welcome address & opening remarks day 2 by GREF Chair Steve Brennan

(Palace Suite A)

09:15-10:00Keynote address:

European Commission

(Mr Harrie Temmink)

European update


(Palace Suite A)

10:00-11:00Session 5:

Testing houses I

-Presentation testing houses

(Palace Suite A)

11:00-11:30Networking & refreshment break

(Palace Suite Foyer)

11:30-12:30Session 6:

Testing houses II

-Panel testing houses + regulators

(Palace Suite A)


The process of accreditation, product testing and certification is known in most European jurisdictions. The organisation of that process is mostly nationally determined. Bearing in mind the international market testing houses work on, this does not sound efficient. Sharing of tips and tricks; experiences with quality and credibility of various testing houses. What did we learn from session 5?


(Fiamma Restaurant, Hilton London Metropole, East Wing)

14:00-15:30GREF Working Groups:


-eGambling and Technical Issues

(Palace Suite A)


(Palace Suite B)

-Responsible Gambling

(Palace Suite C)

15:30-15:45Networking & refreshment break

(Palace Suite Foyer)

15:45-16:45GREF Working Groups plenary feedback

(Palace Suite A)

16:45-17:45GREF Business Meeting

(Palace Suite A)

17:45-18:00Closing remarks day 2 and final remarks by GREF Chair Steve Brennan

(Palace Suite A)

Departure Day/Social Day Friday 2 June
At Delegate’s LeisureCity bus tour